Monday I was able to attend the kick off event for the GI Film Festival as the guest of Senator Elizabeth Dole. It was an amazing night. I learned so much about the GI Film Festival and I wanted to share a little of that with our community.

The event I attended was to honor Ross Perot. I knew the name, but was truly ignorant to everything he has done for our country. He definitely has a concrete spot on the list of amazing Americans. Of course I also had the honor of sitting next to another amazing American and as a wounded warrior wife, I walk among heroes everyday. I realized quickly that we definitely live in a great country full of truly amazing people.

Two more amazing Americans are the coordinators of the film festival. This husband and wife duo are prior military and simply wanted to make films truly portraying the service and sacrifice of our military. Monday evening we watched Chosin. I was humbled and honored to hear the stories of the heroes who have survived. You can watch Chosin on n****** at any time and I encourage you to do it.

I also encourage you to learn more about the GI Film Festival at today. You can see their full list of events there and hopefully you can attend one. I would encourage you to make time to see Survive.Recover.Live. That movie is about Rob Jones who I have had the honor of meeting several times when my husband share the MATC with him at Walter Reed. I think you can learn a lot more about how our wounded warriors heal on the path to their new normal. Regardless take the time to learn more about the GI Film Festival today.

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Comment by Maxine Minar on May 16, 2012 at 12:00pm

I can't wait to check out these films.  Sounds like a great night and an inspiring one!


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