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The Pluck of the Irish

    As I write during the early hours of a snowy St. Paddy’s Day, I’m wondering how many folks in the DC area are a bit relieved that many schools, government offices and military installations are closed or have a delayed opening today.

     It’s St. Paddy’s weekend, after…


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Suggestions For Newbies Of Deciding On The Particular Cycles

Choosing suitable bike intended for starting your street motorcycle excursion would be a great determination. It's much like the 1st partner in your case which usually constantly simply leaves the very best memory space together. The ideal youth atv for sale is needed you've got a greatest addition of the motorcycling job and get the appropriate habits. Currently We can tell you ways to take…


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Addicted to Technology?

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the amount of time I spend on my iPhone. I check my email constantly, multiple times an hour; I read the news; I text friends; I take photos of my daughter; I look at baby apps and shop Amazon. I even watch television shows on my phone. My husband, rightly so, often get annoyed when I pull out my phone, because it takes my attention away from other things and keeps me out-of-the-moment. 

Don't get me wrong--I think technology can be a great…


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A Lost Art

I have a confession--I am a big fan of the television show Downton Abbey. I watch it religiously, and, in doing so, I have noticed something striking about the characters. They all spend a significant amount of time reading and writing letters. In fact, in every movie and book from that time period, all the way up to the 1950s (and sometimes beyond), letters feature prominently in the plot.

Letter writing is a lost art. This is especially true in the military community. In today's…


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A creature of habit, my shopping forays typically involve the two mile trek from home to Fort Myer. Chalk it up to routine, fear of getting stuck in traffic, and the comfort of the familiar. But a recent errand for spouse found me heading south across the borderline - the dreaded Springfield Mixing Bowl - to Fort Belvoir. The three factors just listed had kept me away from the Exchange and Commissary there for about two years. So I was not prepared for the surprise that waited for…


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Hard Mirrors

     You know those wacky carnival mirrors that distort all of your features into unrecognizable proportions? The ones that, if you look at them from one perspective, you appear somewhat normal. But if you shift your weight just a little bit, get closer or move farther away, one portion of your face or body balloons up or gets minimized?

     I find that being…


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Your kids are Invited to the Kids “State Dinner” at the White House

  Do you have a little chef who loves to cook and create healthy meals? Well if you do then get to creating and enter your recipe and you might just be on your way to the Kids State Dinner this summer.  This summer my daughter helped create our version of the Mozzarella and…


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Operation Shower and Babies "R" Us host Military Moms with Grand-Scale Baby Shower

Here is something fun and exciting! I love hearing about these stories of moms getting to go to these baby showers, it makes me miss being pregnant. You know being a CPL's spouse and only one income way back in the day when we had our first daughter, it was very hard to get things. I really am blessed for my family…


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The sweet taste of commitment

Truth be told, I was almost on the verge of missing this tasty discovery. Back at the start of the year I confessed that my resolution was to share more through the next twelve months. My plan involved helping at the…


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Chris and Alice Tackle: The Recent DoD Budget Announcement

We're offering our unique perspectives on the hottest topics affecting military life. Feel free to join the discussion.

From Alice: Chris, I have to ask you, "As a much younger than me" Army spouse, how did Secretary Hagel's announcement…


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The Secret to Living Well on a Military Budget

The military community is a strange phenomenon, financially. It is one of the only communities in which you know exactly how much money your friends make--usually, because it's the same as you're making. With the constant threat of relocation looming, spouses often choose not to work, or are unable to find stable jobs, making a lot of military familes one-income households. While I work part-time teaching at a university, this brings only a little income, and, essentially, my household is…


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To Create A Warrior

     The 2011 film Warrior tells the story of a broken family. An alcoholic father, played by Nick Nolte, destroys his family with his drinking and his verbal and physical abuse. One son, Tommy, played by Tom Hardy, leaves with his mother to escape the father’s wrath. They travel across the country and Tommy eventually watches his mother die a horrible death. Tommy becomes a Marine, goes to Iraq, and loses his best friend in battle. He…


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The older I get...

OK finish that sentence. The older I get dot, dot, dot....

Yes as my birthday vastly approaches the older I get I am reminded of how time flies.

I mean I feel it was just yesterday I was a newlywed army wife with a baby on the way. Now I look at my oldest and she will be 13 this year. She will be a…


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Proud to be a BRAT

My daughter said this to me yesterday and I asked if it was okay to share it here. She said yes... 

(The nickname for military children is brats for my non-military readers)

She said, "I'm proud to be a BRAT." I smiled and asked her why and what being a brat meant. 

She broke it down like this. 




(T)he coolest kids around. 

Of course, I couldn't agree with her…


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Reflecting on LONE SURVIVOR

Last week my husband and I were finally able to get a babysitter so we could go see the movie LONE SURVIVOR, based on the book by Marcus Luttrell. I had read the book when it was first published; I remember I was on an airplane going to visit my husband, and I could not put it down. When I finished it I was crying, still sitting on the airplane, and I could not speak. It touched me tremendously.

I thought the movie was equally emotional and realistic. Being around military men for so…


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When Does a Simple Baby Carrier Turn Into a Superman Cape?

When it helps a Wounded Warrior hold his baby for the very first time or helps his caregiver spouse have hands free to push a wheelchair……


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OK I got my wish now I'm over it.

For years, I mean YEARS. I have wanted to see a winter like I saw when I was a kid. Yes that was it I was a kid, I didn't have to shovel the driveway. I didn't have to drive to work in it, I just played in it, stayed in my warm home and played in the snow. I know my kids feel the way I felt, they…


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#SnOMG! It's Snow Ice Cream Time!

Well... Here we are at almost a month away from Spring and we've encountered Winter Storm Pax. How are you handling all the snow? This Florida girl thinks it's pretty for a few hours, then it's got to go, but the kids LOVE it. One of their things was this time we had to make snow ice cream and I was like WHAT? What is that?

I was at a loss, but they told me that their teachers told them all about it. "Thanks Teachers!" Ha! So, last night we set out a big bowl to collect some snow and…


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Baby Update!

Well, it's been a long road with our infant daughter. As my last post explained, my husband and I have been dealing with severe food allergies/intolerances in our little girl. After almost two months of nonstop bleeding with every bowel movement (a major sign of digestive issues/allergies), a children's gastro-intestinal specialist put me on an extreme elimination diet: no dairy, soy, gluten, nuts, fish or eggs. Essentially, this would eliminate the most common children's allergens. At…


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The First Step to a Romantic Valentine’s Day?

Call this FREE sitter service!

With Valentine’s Day falling on Friday, there’s even more incentive to plan a special night with your certain someone. For those with young children in the DC Metro area, one call can kick start your plans for romance.…


Added by Alice Swan on February 11, 2014 at 9:30am — 6 Comments

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