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…And find lots of fun things to do with family and those out of town guests!

It’s easy to fall into a touring routine here in the Military District of Washington. You head to the Mall (the National Mall where the only shopping options…


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A Smartphone Guide for the Family: The Dos and Don’ts

As smartphone consumption reaches an all-time high, which is expected to reach 1.75 billion users by the end of this year, almost all the…


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Summer is almost here

Another school year has come and gone, and well summer is almost here! What are you going to do this summer? If you have kids, what plans have you made, vacation, educational trips, etc? If you don't have kids, what are you doing that's interesting?

I am taking a poll because I need something to do this summer,…


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5 + 2 + 1 + 0 = Your Best Summer Ever!

A formula for keeping the whole family active, fit and happy from June to August, and year round.

I don’t know about you, but it used to drive me bananas. It seemed to start the day after school let out and would last until the bells…


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The Meaning of Life

When people hear that I teach philosophy in college, I’m often met with one of two responses: “Oh, I loved my philosophy class in college!” or “Ugh, I hated my philosophy class.” There are very few ‘tweeners, very few ‘Eh, I could take it or leave it’. And I can understand where each side is coming from. When pressed, most would say that their opinion of the class hinged on their assessment of the professor, not really the curriculum. I’ve had wonderful professors who took some of the most…


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Loyalty to Bowe

SGT Bowe Bergdahl has been in the news quite a bit recently. A week after his return to US forces, he still is the lead on many television news broadcasts. And everyone, and I mean everyone, seems to have an opinion on Bowe.

He has been called a hero who served honorably. He has been called a deserter. He has been called a traitor. Many have questioned the imbalance of ‘the trade’. Many object to ‘negotiating with terrorists’. Many have wondered whether this will act as an…


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To Tell the Truth

There’s a guy I know (or have interacted with online) who recently had an epiphany. He would no longer sacrifice honesty for diplomacy. He would no longer emphasize tact over truth. He felt that, owing to a profound sense of integrity, he wasn’t going in for mealy-mouthed half-measures any longer.  

For years, I guess, his comments were measured and deliberate. He headed up a military support group, and spearheaded an organization that offered counsel and fraternity to a certain…


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70 years ago, Americans were waking up to hear the news about the greatest military operation ever attempted. They heard how Allied naval forces, 13,000 paratroopers, more than 150,000 troops and some 11,000 flight crews participated in the landing at Normandy. Most of them probably had to check a globe, or the European map they had hanging on the wall to follow son Bill or Uncle Walt’s movements through the theater to see where those beaches in France…


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Your time tested military life skills can ease the stress when answering the question, “What to do about Mom and Dad?”

It’s a circle of life issue everyone will have to deal with explains Joyce Murphy, Family Readiness Program manager at Marine Corps Base Quantico. Together with Barbara Hawkins, MC Family Team Building Trainer, Murphy holds regular workshops on Aging Parents and Elder Care…


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I guess you can say do I go through the tunnel or stay out here for a little longer before going in? Like in this picture I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, when we went to take a drive on skyline drive, it was a short tunnel. Just like this decision I have to make.…


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Slow Days

It's May and sunny in Virginia Beach, and the days are slowing down. The sun is rising earlier and setting later. As I write this, my daughter has been asleep for hours, and outside my window the sky is still a soft blue, the shadows creeping along the driveway. Time seems to slow down in spring and summer here. Somehow there just seems to be more time. And my husband is off on yet another detachment, so my days are more open.

We live in a hectic world, and it takes a lot to slow…


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What to do...What to do...

Well here it is Memorial Day weekend, what will the Cavalier crew be doing today? Well we are doing some spring cleaning first, then we will set off for a weekend of adventure. A few weeks ago I went to the National Mall, and did the walking monument tour, and ended up with this awesome book of adventure! 



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Proud to be an American Contest

Hi everyone I get many emails from several companies asking to help get the word out. Well here is one to help give your home an improvement. 

Mullican Flooring, a leading manufacturer of quality hardwood flooring, is paying tribute to members of the United States military this summer via the company’s “Proud to Be an American”…


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On the Road Again! Weekend Family Fun: Colonial Williamsburg

Greetings Friends,

It's super early in the AM and the Tupper Family is all packed and ready to go. This weekend we are doing many a road trip, but the one I'm excited about right now is our trek to Williamsburg.

As soon as I'm done writing this, our car will be on the road gearing up to go on an adventure and a little back into time  by visiting Colonial Williamsburg.

I've never been, but I've always really wanted to visit and with entry being free for military and their…


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Things to do in New York City

New York City is a great getaway for military families in the DC area. It's only a short train ride, a one-hour direct flight, or a few hours' drive away. And in the summer, because so many of the local residents flee the city for the countryside and the ocean, accommodations are more affordably priced.

Here are my Top Ten wonderful, and inexpensive, things to do with kids in the city:

1. Visit the Central Park Zoo and the beautiful antique carousel in the middle of the…


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Charles James: Fashion of an Era

Last week, in New York City, I visited a spectacular exhibit of dresses at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The dresses, designed by famed fashion designer Charles James five elaborately designed haute couture ball gowns, most from the 1940s and 1950s. These ball gowns were designed with complicated mathematical patterns and stitching and based on ideas such as Leaf Clover," "Butterfly," "Tree," "Swan," and "Diamond".

These ball gowns were spectacular; most were designed with taffeta,…


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The Great Family Vehicle Debate - Follow Up

Well... we did it. We have a new family vehicle that has more than enough room for our growing family. No it does not have a fridge (complete bummer), but it does have space things in the back without putting down the 3rd row. It has DVD's 2 screens, and navigation because I'm constantly getting lost. It also has heated and cooled seats. Those are an absolute must. Cooled seats have changed my life... Haha! Drumroll please...…


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Shallow Roots

     It was at some point this past winter that I realized something about military living, or at least what military living does to me: Having to move every few years diminishes or blunts one’s sense of ownership and connectedness with one’s local area. Military living makes us all transients, and like any transient, we’re not all that concerned with what’s happening in and around our temporary living quarters. Military living disincentivizes a deep concern with one’s current home and…


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MCB Quantico workshop hopes to provide you with the right words.

   Ask senior military personnel their chief personal worry for the future and the answer may surprise you. A recent…


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My HUGE Failure as a Military Spouse!

If there is one thing all those change of station moves teach you as a military spouse, it's how to cull your belongings. You quickly discover which items deserve to keep travelling with you and which can be left behind in the Thrift Shop donation box, landfill or the neighbor's house. It may seem like you keep getting rid of the same single socks, ripped t-shirts and chipped dishes PCS after PCS, but eventually only the necessities survive. If only I had done a better job of teaching my…


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